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Medical Information

Administration of medication

If your child requires medication during their nursery session, you should discuss his/her requirements with a member of the Senior Leadership Team and/or your child’s key worker.  Prescribed medication will be given at the nursery’s discretion and you will need to fill in a form that authorises nursery staff to administer the medication to your child.  A record of all medication is kept.  Please note that children should only attend nursery if they are fit and well enough.

If your child suffers from asthma you must inform a member of the Senior Leadership Team and/or your child’s key worker if there are any activities or specific circumstances that are likely to bring on an attack.

If your child suffers from epileptic attacks you must tell the Head of Centre what emergency treatment to give.

All children who have a medical condition will have a carefully devised medical care plan put into place.

If your child becomes ill

The nursery would welcome a telephone call if your child were not able to attend nursery on a particular day.

If your child becomes ill while at nursery he/she will be well cared for until you can be contacted at home or work and advised of the situation.  If staff are unable to contact you personally, we would then try the emergency contact number.  Depending on the nature of the illness you may be asked to keep your child at home until they are well again eg infectious illnesses.

Information in emergencies

We make every effort to maintain a full educational service, but on some occasions, circumstances arise which lead to disruption.  Establishments may be affected by, for example, severe weather, power failures or difficulties of fuel supply.  In such cases we shall do all we can to let you know about the details of closure or re-opening.  We shall keep you informed by using letters, email, text messaging and announcements in the press and on local radio.

Accidents and incidents

Minor accidents are a fairly common occurrence with small children. Should something more serious occur which requires hospital treatment you will be contacted immediately.  First-aiders will support your child in the first instance.

All accidents are recorded giving full details of the event.  When you collect your child, this form will be shared with you.  All head bumps (any injury from the neck upwards) will also be immediately followed-up with a phone call to the child’s parent/carer to inform them.  A head bump leaflet will be given home with the head.  Any serious accidents must be reported to GCC health and safety team and Care Inspectorate within 24 hours.

If an incident occurs (something that may be intentional or causes upset or distress to others) this will be recorded and shared with the child’s parents/carers.  Common incidents with young children may be biting, pushing or shoving.  This can be part of a young child’s development and staff will support the children if these incidents occur.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are carried out to ascertain possible hazards. These risks are rectified to retain a safe environment for children to learn and play safely.

Visits to the nursery by medical staff

The Childsmile Team may attend the nursery to support children’s oral health and hygiene.  During such times, they will examine your child’s teeth. Your consent in writing is required and a written report of your child’s dental health will be made available to you.


Visits are also made by appointment by your child’s Health Visitors, Physiotherapists, Home Visiting teachers and Educational Psychologists.  You will be fully informed of any such appointments regarding your child.  You will be asked to give written consent at your child’s enrolment to grant us permsiti0on to discuss your child with other agencies and professionals.