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If for any reason your child is unable to attend nursery, please contact the nursery by 9.30am to report their absence.  Please ensure you give details of your child’s absence.  We closely monitor children’s illness and may need to seek further medical advice for service users depending on the nature of the illness.  All suspected and confirmed cases of COVID MUST be reported immediately to the nursery.  We follow NHS school’s exclusion guidance.  However, your child should only attend nursery if they are fit and well enough to do so.    

Places that are not being used cannot be held open.  After two weeks of no contact the nursery will contact the parent/carer in writing to establish if you wish to continue with your child’s placement.

If the child is going off on holiday, prior notification of this is also helpful.

The nursery is open all year round and some children have a 50 week placement with 8 weeks provision non-chargeable.  The payment holiday is allocated to allow the child to have a break.  It is Glasgow City Council’s view that it is in the child’s best interest to have a break during the session.  This also covers emergency closure periods.