Lime Tree Day Nursery
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Arrival and collection of children

We have adapted our drop off and collection procedures following the pandemic.  All children will be dropped off and collected directly at your child’s playroom via the garden gates.  The only exception will be if there are children using the garden areas when you arrive.  During these times, please go to the main nursery entrance and press ‘1’ on the buzzer system where a member of the team will support you.  Visual tours will be emailed to all families before your child’s first day to support transitions.

It is expected that a responsible adult will bring a child to and from the nursery.  Please remember that if someone else is to collect your child from nursery they must be at least 16 years of over.  It is VITAL that you inform the nursery when someone else is to collect your child as we will refuse to give your child to someone else without your permission.

This avoids difficult situations when a child cannot be allowed to leave with an adult who is a stranger to the Head of Centre or staff.

Punctuality in collecting your child is very important as he/she may worry if you are late.  If for any reason you are running, late, please contact the nursery to advise as soon as possible so we can support your child.