Lime Tree Day Nursery
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Our vision, Values and Aims

Our vision:  Lime Tree Day Nursery where we learn and grow together.  

Our values:  Love, nurture, respect, inclusion, safe, excellence, fun


Love.  All adults offer children professional love which supports their emotional wellbeing.  Adults know their children well offering high levels of nurture and support. 

Inclusion.  We recognise and support individual children’s personal learning needs while ensuring GIRFEC principles are embedded in practice.  We work together with other agencies and professionals to support children’s holistic learning and development needs.  We strive to become advocates for children where we protect, safeguard and celebrate children’s learning and successes.  Children’s rights (UNCRC) underpin all our practices within our diverse and inclusive establishment.

Motivate.  Adults are dedicated, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and motivating. Adults respond to the interests and needs of the children, the children will become Confident Individuals, Successful Learners, Effective Contributors and Responsible Citizens.

Education.  Adults provide enriched learning opportunities both indoors and outdoors. Children have opportunities to learn, develop and be challenged in their learning, reaching their full potential.

Trust.  Relationships, relationships, relationships!  We recognise and advocate an ethos of positive relationships which are built upon mutual trust and respect.  We have an open-door policy where everyone is welcome and included. 

Respect.  We respect and value others. We encourage stakeholders to share their diverse beliefs, values and opinions as we learn together about the people within our community. 

Environment.  Our environments are safe, warm, friendly, inclusive and nurturing where children feel safe. Our stimulating environments offer children support and challenge in their learning.

Engagement.  We aspire to work in close partnership with our families.  We recognise and celebrate our diverse community as we learn, develop and grow together.  We involve our families with their children’s learning journey recognising the importance of their learning at home as the primary and most important learning environment.