Lime Tree Day Nursery
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How we promote learning

The staff provide varied activities and play opportunities, in a safe and secure child centred environment, we allow children to explore, experiment, take risks and make mistakes without experiencing a sense of failure or loss of confidence.

This environment allows the children to use the experience they already have and encourages them to move on to the next step.

Some activities may result in an end product but it is the experience of getting there which holds the real value.  In this environment children learn the rules of social interaction, how to negotiate, share, tolerate and value one another and in turn learn that they are also valued.

What we do

Keyworkers use the knowledge they have about each individual child and are able to plan learning experiences to suit each child.  The keyworker will also encourage each child to investigate and experiment during their activities in order to acquire new skills and self-confidence in their own abilities.  Working in partnership with parents at this time can greatly enhance the learning process.  The staff are always available for you to have a chat about your child’s progress and any concerns you may have.

We also endeavour to encourage the children to respect each other by promoting understanding and acceptance of different cultures and backgrounds.

Senior Leadership Team and staff meet regularly to discuss the curriculum and our planning using Realising the Ambition and Curriculum for Excellence.


The keyworker through careful observations and accumulation of information is able to record each child’s progress and achievements.  It is only by doing this that we can then plan how to support and extend each child’s learning in an appropriate and constructive manner.

Information regarding a child’s progress is completely confidential.  Each child has a digital online Seesaw learning journal where staff upload significant pieces of your child’s learning.  Children and their parents/carers are encouraged to take time to look at and discuss their learning together at home.

During your child’s time at nursery there may be times when the keyworker may have to change. All staff have a shared responsibility for all children therefore in these circumstances we try to ensure these changes will be made as smoothly as possible.  

Social, Moral and Cultural Values

We believe the way children feel about themselves affects the way they approach all learning opportunities and the way they behave towards others. We provide an environment which enables children to feel safe, confident and good about themselves and promote an ethos which ensures equality and celebrates our diverse community. Children are encouraged to form positive relationships and to develop their awareness and understanding of each other’s cultures.

Additional support needs and accessibility strategy

If your child is experiencing any difficulties which could impair their development, such as learning or speech, there are other agencies we may contact for help and advice. This would be discussed with you and your permission sought before seeking specialist help.

If you have any concerns about your child’s development of any kind please speak to your child’s keyworker or the Head of Centre as soon as possible and we will try as far as possible to assist you.

Parents can, of course, refer their child themselves via their health visitor or family doctor.

Supporting children with difficulties

Every child may at some time experience difficulties.  These might be physical, emotional, learning difficulties or behavioural difficulties.  Since parents are experts on their own children it is very valuable if you share any concerns you may have with your child’s keyworker to ensure appropriate planning around your child’s needs.

Psychological Services provide Speech Therapists, Physiotherapists, Home Visiting Teachers and Educational Psychologists.

A referral to any of the above would only be made after consultation and with the consent of parent.

Working together to support learning

We recognise the role parents/carers have already played in the early education of their child and that their continuing involvement is crucial to successful learning.

Your child’s keyworker’s task is to assist and support your child in all learning situations.  The relationship between parent and keyworker is of vital importance in ensuring your child will gain maximum benefit from his/her time at nursery.  The nursery curriculum plans are displayed in each playroom.

Section Five               Parental Partnership

Our aims

To make parents/carers welcome and offer opportunities for exchange of knowledge, expertise and information between parents, staff and children.

To recognise and respect the fact that parents/carers are a central factor in their children’s progress.

To encourage parents/carers to take an active part in the daily life of the nursery.

To empower parents/carers to have a say in what happens in the nursery through a parents committee. 

Working with you

The length of the nursery day means staff work in shifts.  This means that your keyworker may not always be available when you bring your child or alternatively when you collect him/her.  Information may then be relayed either through another member of staff or your child’s private Seesaw account.  You may wish to arrange a meeting at another suitable time if your keyworker is not available.

We welcome your interest and participation in the activities going on in the nursery and would also welcome any ideas or suggestions you have to enhance the service we provide.  Please share your suggestions with us through completing our online surveys r via the nursery headteacher email address.

Working together to promote positive behaviour

Encouraging acceptable behaviour and mutual respect is part of our curriculum.  Co-operating, sharing and taking turns are just some of the things we encourage the children to do to increase their social skills.

Of course, our children do not always wish to comply with our requests or the demands of other children, and incidents do arise which require the key worker to intercede in a situation in order to restore order and calm.  Your keyworker knows the nursery policy on behaviour management and she will be pleased to discuss this with you.