Lime Tree Day Nursery
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Enrolment and Settling In

When a place becomes available the family will be contacted initially by phone by a member of the team to verbally offer your child a place.  Once accepted, parents/carers will receive an official offer letter via email stating details of placement and confirming a start date and time.

The first week at nursery can be scary and exciting; some children/parents may find this a difficult period.  Therefore, we offer a staggered intake to help your child and yourself feel happy and secure about their new environment.

Due to current COVID restrictions, all children will be supported to settle outdoors.  We ask that only one parent/carer accompanies your child to help reduce the numbers of adults using the setting at any one time.  Parents/carers and children should dress appropriately for the weather conditions.  This will be altered as and when restrictions change.

When your child first starts nursery he/she will be assigned to a group.  The staff member for your child’s group is known as a keyworker.  They will be your liaison person during the settling in period and beyond. 

As each child’s needs are different there are no hard and fast rules for the length of settling time, each child will determine this.  On your child’s first day, their parent/carer will remain with them.  Thereafter, your child’s key worker will work in partnership to tailor your child’s individual needs.  We would advise that parents/carers factor additional settling time should your child require this additional support.